Uniola and the Price Lowering Party

You may know Chelsea over at Patch the Giraffe. She is pretty amazing when it comes to juggling teaching and quilting and taking amazing photos and making friends and being encouraging. The list goes on. So, when she purchased a bundle of fabrics from my Etsy shop, I was over the moon! You can see the bundle she picked out over on her blog today. It's gorgeous, and I am beyond excited to see what she does with it.

That got me thinking. I want to do more projects with my fabrics, but not only that, I want more people to be able to as well! However, with the expensive and time-consuming process of screen printing, prices felt high. So, last night, I lowered them. I had a price lowering party complete with hot chocolate and comfy pillows, and I finagled with numbers until I was happy. Go check it out! You can now get fat quarters! And because I don't want to gyp those of you who supported my endeavor from the start, just message me on Etsy with which fabric you would like, and I'll send you an extra little panel free of charge.

And while we're talking about fabrics, I want to officially introduce my newest pattern: Uniola.

Inspired by electron scanning microscope images of plant seeds, the base of the pattern is printed in white. It is then overprinted with beach dune fences. The pattern draws its name from uniola paniculata, a dune grass that grows along the coasts of the southeastern United States and helps to prevent the erosion of its sandy habitat. I experimented with lots of color combinations and was geeked when I found this one last July. I can't believe it's taken me this long to share about it on my blog, but I guess that's what starting grad school will do to you.

What would you make with this fabric?

Patterns on Cases

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, full of joy and fellowship, cozy evenings and family. This year, I almost had more fun watching everyone open their gifts than actually opening mine! I was just so pumped for the little things I'd collected and crafted all fall long. One such gift was the iPhone case for my mom.

Last Christmas I designed cases with my hydrangea pattern for my sister and I (pictured above). I was so excited, but I couldn't post about it until I'd given the gift. Then I just never got around to it! This Christmas the same thing happened, except that, with Mom as my blog cheerleader, she went outside with me to take photos. (Moms are great, aren't they?) So here it is, the new uniola case! It looks great with her white iPhone, and it will be a fun change of scenery from her leather Fossil case when she feels the need for a shift.

PS It's ridiculously simple to do on Shutterfly. You should definitely give it a whirl with your favorite fabric design!