Black and White Twelve

For Black and White Twelve, I experimented with piecing the quilt halfway, screen printing blooms, and then finishing the piecing process. I love the subtle play between the cream and white and the dark grey and black and how the flowers weave through the quilt, contrasting organic with the architectural. 



Fresh Deconstructed

Chopped Teal

Mustard Stripes

Black and White Deconstructed



Layers of Charm: Monochromatic

Improv Log Cabin

Modern Courthouse: Baby Quilts

Flowers for Grandma

Stone + Bloom



Stone + Bloom: Mini Quilt Collection

East West

Scattered Buckwheat

Lenten Twelves: Series

Lenten Twelves was a six-week creative study that I pursued with my Mom. Each week of Lent we created a 12" x 12" quilt exploring new quilting and binding methods.



Summer Explorations in Citron and Mint

This mini collection of 2' x 2' wall quilts explored the same enlarged block designs of my senior exhibition in a new, fresh palette of citron and mint.

Left: Variations on a Bouquet of Hydrangeas

Center: Fresh Starts II

Right: Lovely & New

She Can Laugh At the Days to Come: Senior Exhibition