I had the lovely opportunity while on Spring Break in Georgia last week to take a day trip to Savannah. Described as somewhere that just shouts "Kelsey!" I couldn't wait to see what the day might hold. With lots of suggestions and a SCAD student as our tour guide, we began with a trip to Back in the Day Bakery. Cute and charming and artsy, just like I was hoping. Next up was a wander through the beautiful tree-lined streets and several of the twenty-two parks that can be found in Savannah. Talk about gorgeous. Before heading down to the river, I asked if we could stop in a fabric store that had been suggested to me by the studio associate back at school. Fabrika. It was right on the way, and as soon as I walked in, I knew why he'd sent me here. It was me.

Beautiful white walls. Tall ceilings. Bright windows and fresh displays. A gorgeous wall of solids and a delicious wall of prints with bolts of neutrals hung between. Simply perfect.

Do you have a favorite fabric store near you?

Fabric Overload

This Sunday, my mom and I ventured into Mega Fabrics downtown Chicago. It's wall to wall bolts of fabric. Suiting, shirting, stretch taffeta, upholstery fabric, raincoat material, tweed, cotton, tulle, satin. They have everything. We meandered through the maze of the first floor, blown away by the sheer number of bolts on all the neat racks. Then ascending to the attic, we wound our way past piles and fabric landslides. Unorganized mountains of fabric filled the basement. The experience was overwhelming and, in the end, unfruitful but a fun adventure for a Sunday afternoon.