I had the lovely opportunity while on Spring Break in Georgia last week to take a day trip to Savannah. Described as somewhere that just shouts "Kelsey!" I couldn't wait to see what the day might hold. With lots of suggestions and a SCAD student as our tour guide, we began with a trip to Back in the Day Bakery. Cute and charming and artsy, just like I was hoping. Next up was a wander through the beautiful tree-lined streets and several of the twenty-two parks that can be found in Savannah. Talk about gorgeous. Before heading down to the river, I asked if we could stop in a fabric store that had been suggested to me by the studio associate back at school. Fabrika. It was right on the way, and as soon as I walked in, I knew why he'd sent me here. It was me.

Beautiful white walls. Tall ceilings. Bright windows and fresh displays. A gorgeous wall of solids and a delicious wall of prints with bolts of neutrals hung between. Simply perfect.

Do you have a favorite fabric store near you?