Rain and Busyness

It's been an incredibly busy week, not to mention a rainy one. This doesn't mean there haven't been lovely moments. Snuggling under my afghan to read for class. Climbing into my mom's old Michigan sweatshirt before my raincoat. Pulling out cozy wool socks for dance-tired toes. It does mean, however, that there hasn't been enough of certain things. Sunlight to photograph quilt blocks. Time to sit down and sew. Midterms week has decided to envelope my schedule this time around, and I really have no choice but to follow its lead and drink carafes of caffeinated tea until it has passed. That said, it makes the long weekend look all the more appealing. I'm looking forward to unscheduled time: dancing in dim studios, pulling fresh banana bread from the oven, baking casserole, knitting hats, cutting freshly printed fabric for a quilt. Mmmm. Can't wait. What are you anticipating this weekend?

{This is a test print from before the
Chemistry GRE swallowed my daily planner}