A Small Interlude

After the huge every-minute-of-every-day push to get the show finished and hung and opened, I've taken a small break, not from life or school, just from sewing. It's been relaxing to enjoy the quilt blocks taped to my walls without feeling pressure to get up early to sew and run back from dinner dates to sew some more.

Sundays are my art days, a sabbath devoted to creativity and allowing my right-brain out to play. Typically, that means sewing, but last Sunday, my friend Emma had the best idea. We spent an art sabbath afternoon chatting and painting at a paint-your-plate, surrounded by parents and small children quietly and carefully contemplating their designs and colors. It was lovely, so freeing and restful. Admittedly, I couldn't keep the quilts out of it, and I painted myself a Swoon mug to use when I'm quilting. Emma surprised me by picking it up and filling it with mints and encouraging notes and hiding it in the refrigerator at work where I store my lunch. Now I'm drinking my new Magic Moment TWG tea out of it. What wonderful blessings I have in my life.

My plan for the last weeks of the semester is to print fabrics so that I will have supplies for the summer. The orders of raw materials came in, and it's exciting to dream what the new sherbet and thundercloud fabrics will be transformed into this summer. I also ordered my own set of screens today. Eek! I will be able to overprint my own quilts this summer in my own studio. Just that sentence make my heart swell. Graduating really does feel like growing up, but instead of scary, it is ever so exciting.