Bringing Baby Home

I've been on the hunt for a vintage Bernina 830 ever since I stumbled upon one for $15 in a local resale shop. That one had unfortunately been dropped and was not going to run smoothly, no matter the cleaning it endured. However, in a spontaneous Craigslist search, I stumbled upon another one that was left over from an estate sale near my home with all of the attachments, a table, and its classic red case. Score!

My family offered to purchase it for me as a graduation gift, so my aunt and I drove out to pick it up in Troy. It's previous owner, Gracie, had kept it in immaculate condition until she'd moved to a rest home, so all it needed was a good clean to get the solidified grease moving again. Now it's my new machine!

As in all transitions, I am uneasy with the newness of the situation (I'm not much for change) but I think it will be lovely. This Bernina already sews better with its walking foot than my Brother, handsome even stitches as long as I don't floor it, and to be honest, reliable straight-line quilting is probably one of the things I value most in a machine. I look forward to getting to know my new baby more in the coming weeks and going on some crazy sewing adventures together! Yippee!

What's do you value most in your machine?