A Coral and Navy Whirlwind

These past two weeks have been an overwhelming whirlwind of dance rehearsals, deadlines, late nights, and a strong desire to curl up under a quilt and forget about my senior show. With only two weeks left before Spring Break and putting up my show, it's crunch time. I've been a mad fiend, sketching quilting patterns during class and binding quilts through chapel, sewing until the wee hours of the morning and then getting up the next day to begin it again.

Two quilts are completely finished. Unfortunately I don't have pictures for you because I submitted them for the juried exhibition that is currently hung in Adam's Hall, and they were both accepted. Yay! I've been quilting three others, alternating them as I finish a section of stitching and lose direction for the next color of thread. Ribbons is completely quilted, thank you to my mother who ordered me a new walking foot when mine kicked the bucket last week. There was a big crash, and little pieces actually crumbled out of the foot and onto my quilt the night before my quilts were due for the exhibition. Talk about bad timing.

Good timing, on the other hand, was being able to play around in my future gallery space the next day to see which quilts will likely go on the wall and where. It was a fun afternoon, eating chocolate cake for my half birthday and watching everyone else's submissions for the exhibition roll in. Now I only have a couple decisions left to make about hanging the show.

Together with lots of long-distance support from Ann Arbor, pep talks from the studio associate, endless cups of Hot Cinnamon Spice tea, and a good old quilting favorite The Wedding Date (which I may have watched four times last week), I survived the past eight days. Only twelve more to go before I'm off to Georgia and then back to hang the show!

Double Feature

Yesterday was a double feature day. Two movies. Two quilt blocks. Josh Duhamel and his precious children swept in to steal my and Julianne Hough's heart in Safe Haven, while I rotary cut the morning away. Then a matured Zac Efron gave a touching performance in The Lucky One, reminding me of my love for piano music and old homes, as I pieced late into the afternoon. I'm really hitting my groove with the navy and coral, and I decided to redo some of my favorite simple Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks in the new colors. Best choice. I love them. Ribbons is one of my new favorites of all of the senior show blocks. (My favorite is still the cut-glass block.)

School starts today, so it will be interesting to see where I can squeeze in my quilting and begin over-printing the blocks. However, I'm really enthusiastic about the next three Farmer's Wife Quilt blocks that I have picked to remake in coral and navy, and I can't wait! Maybe tomorrow morning...

If you haven't seen the other senior show blocks, you can check them out here (Corn and Beans), here (Flying Geese and Cut-Glass), here (Locked Star), and here (Lone Star).