Welcome to the Lovely and Enough Etsy Shop

It began with a fresh apple cinnamon donut and a latte downtown Chicago. Working at a big wooden table with light flooding across my notes and the cute terrarium beside me, I started to build what I'd been laying the foundation for all summer long. And then, all of the sudden, it was there, published, online. It was almost anti-climactic.

That's when I realized the shop didn't begin on a Saturday morning in November. It was sunny fall afternoons working on farmer's wife quilt blocks. My 20th birthday road-tripping to all the best fabric stores with my Mom. Chilly winter mornings with the front door thrown wide for better-lit blog photos. Hot long days painting hydrangea patterns at the Fuji Studio in Florence. Sunny football Saturdays test printing in Adams Hall. Late night after late night quilting like a maniac and listening to my sister’s “Jams” playlist to prepare for my senior show. Bright summer days reading business books and sipping inspirational Arnold Palmers. Then finally a Saturday at the Coffee Studio in northern Chicago. And now, a cozy moment in my research office before class.

This isn’t a one-and-done project, a checkmark on a list. It’s my biggest work-in-progress of the past two years, an endeavor I didn’t even realize was beginning when it did. As Etsy reminded me in their handbook for beginners, a business is all about trial and error, just like life. I am thrilled to embrace this next giant step in a series of so many. I still don’t know exactly what I’ve gotten myself into or where it will take me, but messy adventures are the best kind, and you can’t map them out (like I often attempt). You just have to live them.

Welcome to the newest unfolding organic undertaking of my creative exploits:

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