Modern Courthouse Quilt | featuring Hortensia test print

This crinkly version of the Modern Courthouse Baby Quilt in navy and grey was delivered to its new parents. It is backed in a soft and silky stripe and bound in it as well. The bindings that I had chosen ended up feeling a bit staid, so I trimmed off the excess backing and pieced it into binding tape! It adds a fun finish as the stripes alternate around the edge. Plus, who doesn't love a good striped binding?

Be advised. I think I'm going to just be posting photos on the blog for a bit. My work has been demanding quite a bit of writing, so my heart just hasn't been in my blogging. That said, the lapse in my blog is disheartening, and I would prefer for silent photo posts than no posts at all. Enjoy the eye candy!


Hopewell Inspired Diagonal Quilt

I had a pretty horrible morning at work today, incredibly frustrating and not productive at all. Luckily, I'd already bribed myself into working on Saturday by packing my camera and a quilt that I've been meaning to photograph for many months now in the car this morning. When an appropriate lunch break hit, I set an experiment in motion and then scampered through the gorgeous 92º weather over to the even more beautiful Hunt library.

modern light blue, citron, and grey quilt | by Lovely and Enough

My mom and I collaborated on this quilt last summer. It was inspired by the Hopewell Workshop East-West quilts . All of their quilts were so gorgeous and contemporary in their simplicity, and this design does not fail to please.

It is a fantastically simple quilt to make, and taking photos of it has got me thinking about new color schemes and versions. Plus, you get two quilts in one go! Striking and modern, the quilt doesn't require any complicated piecing. In fact, it may just be the perfect way to whip up two charity quilts in one fell swoop. You can see my mom's half of the quilt over on her blog Fibermusing.

striking modern navy, citron, and grey quilt | by Lovely and Enough
striking modern navy, citron, and grey quilt | by Lovely and Enough

Yes, as the quilt label says, I did actually finish this quilt in late 2014. I cannot believe how long it took me to photograph it. Initially, I kept waiting for family to be in town, so that I could have someone hold it up. Then I saw Yvonne's post about how she hangs her quilts for photos (even large ones), and I realized that I could do it by myself.

striking modern navy, citron, and grey quilt | by Lovely and Enough

I hope this inspires you to pull together a fast quilt for charity this summer. It is a great way to make use of fabrics you're not in love with anymore to clear space for new exciting ones! I guess today wasn't such a bummer of a day after all. Happy summer Saturday.

striking modern navy, citron, and grey quilt | by Lovely and Enough
a simple yet elegant and striking modern quilt that's a cinch to whip up, inspired by Hopewell Workshop | Lovely and Enough