On the Sixth Day of Christmas

When asked at church this morning what I had been doing this week, I answered quilting. It didn't seem adequate enough to cover the last five days, but that really is all I've been doing. Dyeing fabric for quilts, cutting fabric, piecing blocks, collecting plants to dye fabric, stealing onion skins from the grocery store bins to dye fabric, laying out fabric for other quilts, watching TV while I piece blocks, and a little bit of knitting while I watched movies with my mom and sister. It's been a perfect balance of very relaxing and quite productive, and I have six blocks to show for it!

My chevron quilt is coming along. It has fallen off the wall at least twice now and has been restarted and reworked at least that many times. I'm fairly happy with it now, and once I reassemble it from my most recent picture (this morning I found it in a heap of pieces on the floor because the flannel sheet velcroed to the wall had fallen down), I am going to try to blitz it and finish it today. Check back tomorrow to see it finished. What projects have you been working on this Christmas break?

This Week's Blocks:
Spider Legs, Broken Dishes,
Postage Stamp, Homemaker,
End of Day, & Waste Not

Spider Legs

Waste Not


Broken Dishes

End of Day

Postage Stamp

A note about Homemaker: It is a much more complicated block than it appears, and if you are like me and wish that the book had given better instructions than "sew the seams that are next to each other together," then you're in good company. Alright, the instructions didn't exactly say that, but that's about all they said. To complete this block, I used partial seams and Y-seams. Bee in my Bonnet explains partial seams here. Kaye Wood shows how to easily tackle Y-seams in this video.

P.S. I may not finish the chevron quilt, but I will do my best and I promise to post a picture tomorrow of how far I've gotten whether or not it's done.