Family Time

Home again home again! Jiggity jig!

I am home with the family. We are contentedly sitting in the living room after a day of Christmas shopping at the mall and considering going out to get our Christmas tree. Dad and Taylor were a very willing quilt rack this afternoon, so I have some lovely full pictures of the Giant Starburst Quilt Top. I can't quite decide how to quilt it, but I am going to add a thick white border. If you have any nifty ideas for quilting other than basic straight-line white quilting, I am all ears.

Starburst Top

I'm embarrassed to say that it's been almost two weeks since my last post. I guess photographing the cut pieces of my starburst quilt just wasn't really inspiring me. Not to mention, the sun goes down around four o'clock. Talk about no time for natural lighting. Anyways, with a miraculous finals week that includes no actual finals, simply a three-page paper, I am walking on air with a little time to quilt. Social events have been keeping me busy, though, from breakfasts to coffee dates to birthday dinners. Last night my girlfriends and I commemorated a 22nd birthday with a trip to Denny's at midnight dressed up as hipsters to make fun of our exes. Feelin' twenty-two-oo ;) Today, the guilt really set in on being away from the blog as the last two items on my semester checklist read "blog" and "paper." I set aside the paper (who likes writing papers anyways) and pounded out the final eight seams of the quilt top. Ta da! Finished quilt top! With fifteen minutes of light left before sundown, I photographed it on the awesome new/old ladder that my mom found for me at an estate sale. Now just one little paper between me and home. Next stop: Ann Arbor!

Giant Starburst Colors

I picked the fabric! After eating lunch with my favorite little sister (and my only one), we swung by Pink Castle to check out their solids. She supported me through my indecision when faced with a big intimidating wall of Modas and Michael Millers and Monalunas and stalwartly held heaping piles of bolts. She even stuck it out when I accidentally conked her in the nose with a particularly heavy bolt. What did I say, she's my favorite :) We picked out a set of eight golds and mints and greens, but when I got home I started pulling out a couple at a time and putting them together. Simpler seemed better, so I picked a modern four. Two darks and two lights. The darks will be the flying geese blocks on the sides and the lights will be the arrows in the corners of the giant starburst. Then the background will be Michael Miller off-white.

The next day I hung out with my mom in the studio cutting out squares while she planned out the exact construction of the plus quilt she's making me. I'm so excited for the quilt it's insane. It will be made from the most luxurious citron cotton that I picked up for £18/meter at Bacci Tessuti in Florence this past summer with a single plus of my citron hortensia fabric that I also printed in Florence this summer. I cannot wait for it to be done. We finished the afternoon laying out the most adorable twin-size quilt of green, red, aqua, and grey plusses on a grey background. It was spontaneous and fun, made out of leftover pre-cut squares from a quilt my grandma made. I am very jealous of the family that will receive it at the Safe House down the road. I guess this just means I may have to make one for myself, so I should probably get to work piecing this giant starburst first!