Drunken Circles

My chemistry classes have engulfed me. I am officially drowning in lab reports and exams. Luckily my lovely mother was there for me this weekend with a PFD. No, it was not a personal flotation device. Instead, it was prepared-for-dying fabric! Home for Easter, I had the use of her beautiful and well-stocked studio, which includes a brayer, a large cushioned printing board, and many other wonderful supplies to come to my aid in finishing up printing my fabric for Maze and Vale's hand-printed fabric swap. I'm a couple days late but happy with my final results.

This is the third incarnation of the drunken circles in the form of a foam stamp on plexi-glass. The paper stencil proved too time consuming for its disposable nature, and the acetate stencil proved too thick for efficient screen-printing. However, I am very happy with the stamp. If I use this design more, I may send away to have a permanent screen made up that I can use forever and forever. The drunken circles will live on!

Hand-Printed Fabric Swap

If you look to the right of the screen, you will find the short list of the blogs I like to read. This week I was so excited to read Leslie Keating's blog Maze and Vale and discover that she is hosting a hand-printed fabric swap. I have been wanting to try my hand at fabric printing for awhile now, and this is the perfect opportunity. You simply sign up next weekend, print four quarter-yards of fabric, and send them out to the other four people in your group. Then they print four quarter-yards of fabric, and each sends one to you. I now have encouragement, camaraderie, links to many tutorials, a fun Pinterest board, and a deadline to motivate me towards printing my own fabric. I am so excited!