Straight-line Quilting + Eggplant Printing

Straight-line quilting on the modern eggplant-printed quilt is complete! I whipped out the second half last Wednesday at sewing night while watching the Philadelphia auditions for American Idol. My current idol favorite is Jenn Blosil. She is hilarious and unique and such a hoot but so great to listen to as well. Have you been keeping up with the auditions? They make for good sewing tv, except that as soon as someone starts singing, I feel like I should stop adding the chug chug of my machine to the mix.

Brent was a doll and held up my quilt for me this weekend since I am out of masking tape. I guess it's time to swing by Target! (Alert: danger zone. Target also has a quilted men's sweatshirt I'm kind of dying to have but since Brent already owns it...I'm not sure if I'm allowed to buy it as well...) The next step is tying all of those threads to the back. Then it will be free-motion quilting time. I decided to try lines first this time to achieve a flatter quilt with less chances of puckers. So far so good.

I've been wanting to get back into posting progress photos, but if I post them on their own, then the finished post doesn't have any progress photos...dilemma. What do you think?

Follow the progress of this quilt with the links below:




I'm linking up to WIP Wednesday today over at Freshly Pieced. Hop over there to see some more unfinished beauties.

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Modern, Crisp, and Printed

Hello and welcome again from the Blogger's Quilt Festival ! If you're here for the first time, I'm glad to have you. You'll find I love clean and fresh design. This quilt, titled Evening Star, was for my first show. It's completely machine pieced and quilted and is overprinted in the same process I use for printing my fabrics. The quilt sold and is now hanging in a loving new home (hooray!), but sadly these are the only two photos I have of it (sad). Enjoy this tiny montage.

modern and fresh screen-printed quilt in grey, mint, and coral | by Lovely and Enough

This is my second entry this sunny spring of 2015. My other is a bright and modern minimalist mini quilt. I encourage you to check out the other quilts in the modern section of the festival. Some have caught my heart with just a glance, and I can't wait to discover the makers behind them!