Propeller Pillow | by Suzy Quilts

When Suzy of SuzyQuilts posted her new pattern the Propeller Quilt pattern, I knew I had to try it. Bright, fun, and geometric, this pattern goes together in a cinch. As I was pulling out fabrics for this quilt, the hand-printed Maze and Vale fabrics that my mom gave me for Christmas fell from the shelf. I decided it was a sign. Beautiful fabric is meant to be used. 

That grey and white dash is one of my favorites of hers; it hurt to cut into (can you say fabric hoarder?) but now I get to enjoy it on my couch everyday! The mustard and white dandelion is a Maze and Vale print as well, and it went so well with my own hand-printed citron pistachio fabric, that I knew they needed to come together in this pillow.

Plus, this is my year of sewing my stash. (Yes, last year might have been as well, but we didn't make any progress on that so here we are again...) I am looking forward to using up all the yummy design goodness that I have stored away in boxes on my shelves. I'm coming for you, you gorgeous Lotta, April Rhodes, and Cotton + Steel.

The piecing flew! It's amazing how much faster it is to quilt when you are following a pattern and not designing at every step! My finished block was 20" x 20," (I modified those corner pieces to be large enough to fit my pillow) but even at 14" square, the blocks are a nice size to whip up a larger quilt in no time. What little weekend projects have you made time for recently? Have you committed to sewing your stash in 2016?

Lenten Twelves : the start

Every year for Lent I chose to do something (or to not do something), a habit to form, a priority to adjust, a rhythm in which to settle. New Year's resolutions come and go for me, but Lent is forty days of commitment. When I choose to do something, I do it. This year I wasn't quite sure what I was feeling called to. I'd already given up Netflix for February (right? is there anything to even give up after that?).

That's when my mom called me with a challenge: one twelve inch quilt per week. Instead of fasting from something we're feasting into creativity. I love it. Plus, we're doing it together. Here's the first.

I've never pieced a curve before and it very much intimidated me, but Kim over at Leland Ave Studio encouraged me to finally take the plunge. I figured a twelve-inch quilt was the perfect place to give it a go. Guys, it was actually so easy. I used SheCanQuilt's little video and Noodlehead's Sunny Side Up quilt pattern and it was a breeze! For real! When I finished the first block, I literally yelled "I DID IT!" right in the middle of facetiming my boyfriend. Then I promptly hung up on him to call my mom. Yep, I was that pumped. I may not have gotten the curves lined up perfectly with one another but one step at a time.

As you also might have noticed, I switched my tune part way through and traded the citron out for coral. Looking at the pictures, I'm not entirely sure that was the right choice, but it's okay. That's exactly what experiments are about!

Are you doing anything for Lent? If you'd like to join my mom and I or just follow along, you can find us on instagram with #lententwelves or just check out her blog Fibermusing and her first Lenten Twelve quilt.