Knitting Dates

This past weekend was full of lovely knitting dates. Susie and I hung out Friday night--me knitting i-cord around my afghan, her a thick and quick scarf. It was a cozy evening with the lights low, peering through the blinds at people with more exciting lifestyles. Fast forward through writing a paper, a treasure trove estate sale, a dance rehearsal, a baking adventure, and a pancake dinner party to the next lovely knitting date. Susie and I watched What to Expect When You're Expecting. The plot was alright, not as funny as the preview led me to believe but made completely worth it by the swoon-worthy Chace Crawford. And to top off the evening, I finished my afghan! All screaming and applause was held off until every last loose end was woven in, but then excitement broke loose! I began this afghan in January, intending for it to be twin-size and finished by May. The project, however, gained a mind of its own, becoming king-sized and extending itself into my summer and fall. I have been snuggling under since it was large enough to cover my lap, but now with the knitting needles finally unattached, I can burrow without fear of losing a stitch or an eye. The saga of my first afghan has finished, just in time for me to begin another :)

knit cable

fisherman's knot

The afghan was crocheted, except for the cables and the i-cord edge. The body of the blanket is a basket stitch. The green panels are crocheted in a lattice stitch. And the outer aqua panels are a fisherman's knot stitch that I borrowed from a child's sweater pattern. Between the panels, I crocheted and reverse crocheted several raised ribs to add definition. I welcome any questions.