Flitting Quilt Pattern

To celebrate my new quilting fabric collection, Coastal Orchards for Benartex, I designed a free quilt pattern! It is called Flitting.

Flitting Quilt comprised of modern Hourglass Blocks in Coastal Orchards fabrics | by Kelsey Williams of Lovely and Enough


Flitting was inspired by the swooping of butterflies as they flutter through orchards and gardens. When photographing a butterfly in flight, it is almost impossible to get a crisp shot that showcases the butterfly’s wings. Instead each snapshot captures the butterfly at a different angle with their wings at different levels of extension. This quilt represents that beautiful but erratic flight.


Difficulty Level: Beginner

This quilt pattern is definitely beginner-friendly but offers a finished product that looks more difficult than it is.

Confession: The hardest part for me was remembering which of my light-colored fabrics corresponded to which fabric in the pattern. That’s why in the pattern I suggest creating a cheat sheet for yourself!


Block Highlight: Hourglass Block

This quilt introduces the hourglass block (also sometimes referred to as the quarter-square triangle), and it is one of my favorite blocks. I love how easy it is to make four hourglass blocks at once, and I enjoy playing with how much white fills each block. Check out my Hourglass Block Tutorial to see pictures and read tips.


I’m working on my sample for the quilt, so check back next week to see a finished Flitting Quilt or

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