Middle School Brights

Have you ever looked in your stash and wondered what possessed you to purchase that one fat quarter? Or twenty?? My sister and I used to be bribed in the fabric store with picking out five fat quarters in exchange for quiet patience. Some of the fabrics I adored then are...well...not the style I adore now. Needless to say, we both have some destashing to do, and what better way than with a charity quilt!

scrappy charity quilt from Amanda Jean Nyberg's Sunday Morning Quilts | by Lovely and Enough

With Amanda Jean Nyberg's book Sunday Morning Quilts in hand, we set about to make a twin size stripy quilt. It began with some fabric pulls and a bunch of strips cut. After attempting to put together some blocks and feeling hopelessly lost in middle school brights, we set aside the quilt for several months.

Have no fear! It resurfaced over Thanksgiving. Mum had cut a bunch more low-volume strips to mix in, and we all set about for a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon laying out blocks and piecing. Even my boyfriend joined in and designed more than one or two, diligently picking fabrics for new blocks and taping pieced ones to the wall.

Mum finally pieced the entire top over Christmas break, and now it just needs some quilting! If you're feeling up to your ears in old fabrics, I highly suggest this quilt option from Sunday Morning Quilts.

Do you have any favorite scrappy charity quilt patterns?