A Bench with Potential

It all started with an estate sale. (This is pretty much the best way to start any story, if you ask me.) It was my first weekend in Raleigh, and I was feeling rather furniture-less. No bed, no desk, no chairs, just one comfy sofa and two old wooden ironing boards. Now, to be fair, that is a pretty great starting point, but in the spirit of nesting I was interested in finding a couple more pieces. And lo and behold, my mom found the bench.

Tucked in a little girl's room and covered in pink and white stripes, I may not have given it a second glance, but that's where my mom is awesome; she saw potential. She pulled me over to it and painted visions of reupholstery and furniture wax, and then I, too, was hooked.

We proudly carried it out of the house for just $30, and the true planning began. Evenings were filled with schemes to print and wash screens in my little apartment. Afternoons were spent dashing between Lowes and Home Depot, frantically requesting backup from Brent on furniture wax purchases. Until it all came to fruition Labor Day weekend.

I printed up some light grey hydrangeas, waxed the bench to smooth goodness to the tune of Thanks for Sharing (if you haven't seen this movie yet, it's a worthwhile watch, albeit a serious and adult one), and stapled till the cows came home.

Now, the lovely bench graces our entryway and reminds me of Northern climes where I might actually need a bench on which to don boots. I truly wish I had the guts to march into the Hunt Library and carry my bench to the fifth floor for photographs, but alas, my apartment shall have to do.