Step Up Your Quilt Photo Game

Do you wish you could take better photos of your quilts? If purchasing a DSLR camera is out of your price range or you want to be able to snap quick, high quality photos with your iPhone, I offer you a solution: a lens for your iPhone.

Moment iPhone lens

Check out Moment iPhone lenses. They come in a variety of types: wide angle, tele, fisheye, and macro. I have the wide angle lens. It lets me take awesome flat lay photos without having to stand on a chair (as well as gorgeous landscapes when I'm traveling). I have also used my sister's fisheye lens, which adds clarity and flare to any photo, even your thread snippings.

Plus, best of all, their lenses are affordable and easy to use. I know I sound like an infomercial right now, but I mean it. Check out the video I made below. Each lens easily clicks onto my phone with the mounting plate stuck to the back. The mounting plate is slim, so it can go inside almost any case you already have. Lenses start at $59 and don't go above $99.

To top it off, Moment is just an awesome company. Moment believes in the opportunity to empower the creative in everyone through mobile photography.

I am honored to be selected as one of their Moment50 this year, a collection of up-and-coming creatives chosen for their unique work and innovative use of mobile photography. Check out a snapshot of the 49 other creatives below and follow the link to the Moment50 website to see more of their photography and hear their stories. You can see all the photos taken with Moment lenses with #ShotonMoment on Instagram.

Best of all, I can offer you a promo code for 10% off!

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