My Black and White Twelve Quilt, a beginning

Inspired by the Black and White Twelve Quilts exhibition in New York this past weekend, I decided to make my own. You don't get to be included among the quilter's you admire by sitting on your hands, right? This is the first stage of piecing completed. (Although after taking pictures, I did realize that the outside two black stripes might not quite be in the right spots...)

I am planning to print it, but instead of masking out sections like I did for Stone + Bloom, I decided to try a partial piecing method. Then I can flip sections out of the way to get continuous printing that skips a strip or two. If that doesn't quite make sense to you, stop back in a couple weeks. I am hoping to do a time lapse video of the printing process as I print and flip and print.

Follow the progress of this quilt with the links below: