Eggplant Modern Printed Quilt

My aunt requested a printed quilt for her mantle an embarrassingly long time ago, so I decided it should be my first finish of 2016. (After it failed to be my final finish of 2015, but we don't have to talk about that.) This Saturday evening, I turned on Ice Age 2 and straight-line quilted a whole half of the quilt. Ice Age 2, you ask? Well, I needed a movie that I didn't love, so that I wouldn't be tempted to look up from my machine and take long pauses between lines. Success.

Floral Printed Grey and White Morning Star Modern Quilt with straight-line quilting | Lovely and Enough

I'm greatly enjoying the process of this quilt and plan to finish it in time to deliver it to her in person February 6th at my cousin's baby shower. Baby shower, of course, means baby quilt! My mom and I are tag-teaming on this one, and I sent her some of my mint flamingo fabric. I haven't actually used that in a project yet (can you say fabric hoarder?), so I can't wait to see the final product!

straight-line modern quilting | Lovely and Enough

The printing on this quilt is a dark eggplant. It turned out a little darker than expected but makes for a striking quilt. I decided on a blue grey thread that is a little darker than I used on the previous incarnation of this quilt. It should balance out the dark blooms nicely.

Floral Printed Grey and White Morning Star Modern Quilt | Lovely and Enough

Follow the progress of this quilt with the links below:


Straight-line Quilting


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