Lotta Napkins and Yogurt Pops

Every time I go into Joann for velcro or canvases or cheap fabric for pattern testing, I'm drawn to the Lotta Jansdotter and Cloud 9 fabrics there. Problem is: these days I just don't really sew with prints, and if I do, they're my own designs. This has been an unimaginably good way to stop me from buying fabric.

That said, I've also been wanting cloth napkins for quite some time. Bonnie teaches cloth napkins to the new sewists in our Wednesday night sewing group, and I've been itching to try. Up until now, quilting projects abounded, but what better time than a quilting hiatus to whip some up. And what better time to buy some Lotta fabric than with a 60% off coupon and a very specific project! Hello, no better time than the present, is what I'm sayin.'

I waited in the dreadful cutting table line (are all Joann's somewhat poorly managed?) and waited some more in that since-you-have-to-stand-here-look-at-some-crappy-things-that-only-cost-a-dollar line and at last, the Lotta was mine. Two hours of pressing seam allowances, marking out mitered corners, greek yogurt pops, and way to much chatting and giggling to make quick headway later (don't you love the good problems to have), here I have them: four cloth napkins!

And where better to sneak pictures than the cute old Ford truck bed parked outside my apartment?

Gosh I love projects that you can finish in one sitting.