Art Prints: Chemistry + Flamingos

Last summer I was messing around with my flamingo screen from my very first screen-printed fabric design, and I ended up with some art prints. I took one with me and left three more at home, and when I came home for Christmas, one was framed in my room, one was hung in my sister's room, and one was pinned up in the studio!

That's when I started brainstorming. What if I exercised some of my pattern designing muscles toward art prints? I'm about halfway to a striking bison print that I'm pretty chuffed about, but I'm only halfway because... (well, honestly bc just like the rest of you, the lure of a new project tends to beat finishing an old one, but who's counting)...

I started working on a chemistry art print! In fact, I was in the middle of showing my grad school friends the bison and explaining what "vectorizing" means when I showed them some periodic element icons from an old project. Their faces lit up, and they exclaimed to me how they would love to see a chemistry poster. Then a couple weeks later with the preliminary design in hand, they called for t-shirts as well! So here it is.

The poster is a collection of thirty comic depictions of elements, and it is a fun puzzle for all. When brought to seminar, peers and professors alike crowded around to puzzle out the element that each icon represented, giggling at the sneaky ones and indignantly flustered with the obscure.

So, if you've been looking for a minimalist conversation starter for your office; a nerdy yet classy t-shirt to hang out in this summer; an engaging puzzle for the children in your classroom; or a gift for your Dad, brother, granddaughter, or friend, then look no further. Well-designed and mentally engaging, these prints and tees will make a smart and graphic statement on you and on your wall. I'm running a Kickstarter campaign for the month of June as a simple way to collect orders and gauge interest, so...

Check out the campaign. Watch the video. And if you know someone who might find it fun, pass it along!

I know this it outside the scope of my typical quilting and fabric design, but I guess my nerd is just showing. How could I not share my biggest most recent project with you all? Thanks for sticking it out to the end!! I promise there will be more sewing this weekend. Pinky promise.

PS I have since reprinted the flamingos art print, and I have about five more. Would there be any interest in having those up in my shop?