Harrowing Evenings

The first week of school has been amazing! On top of friends, new exciting classes, and enthusiasm for research, I've had oodles of time to quilt! What a blast.

Mostly I've been binding. Oh, and I forgot: quilting all day Tuesday! Dr. Reid and I spent a harrowing Tuesday evening together in the company of Derek and Penelope, he chasing down serial killers and I strong-arming my largest quilt yet through my machine. Have no fear; we both came out on top. Bummer of all bummers, though, I finished the last episode in the last season of Criminal Minds at the same time as my quilting. (I suppose I can be thankful it was not before.)

Needless to say, with twenty feet of binding ahead of me, I need some new comrades to keep me company. The British hilarity of Top Gear has me chuckling up a storm, but it's not the same as a show with a long-term storyline. Any suggestions? It may be time to dive into Gilmore Girls. I feel, as a child of the early 90s, it's almost a requirement. However, I'm not completely sold on it as of yet.

What do you like to watch as you sew?

cozy plaid quilt with classy dark grey binding | Lovely and Enough

sneak peak of the quilt I'm working on that has yet to be revealed