Friday, January 23, 2015

Middle School Brights

Have you ever looked in your stash and wondered what possessed you to purchase that one fat quarter? Or twenty?? My sister and I used to be bribed in the fabric store with picking out five fat quarters in exchange for quiet patience. Some of the fabrics I adored then are...well...not the style I adore now. Needless to say, we both have some destashing to do, and what better way than with a charity quilt!

scrappy charity quilt from Amanda Jean Nyberg's Sunday Morning Quilts | by Lovely and Enough

With Amanda Jean Nyberg's book Sunday Morning Quilts in hand, we set about to make a twin size stripy quilt. It began with some fabric pulls and a bunch of strips cut. After attempting to put together some blocks and feeling hopelessly lost in middle school brights, we set aside the quilt for several months.

Have no fear! It resurfaced over Thanksgiving. Mum had cut a bunch more low-volume strips to mix in, and we all set about for a lovely Thanksgiving afternoon laying out blocks and piecing. Even my boyfriend joined in and designed more than one or two, diligently picking fabrics for new blocks and taping pieced ones to the wall.

Mum finally pieced the entire top over Christmas break, and now it just needs some quilting! If you're feeling up to your ears in old fabrics, I highly suggest this quilt option from Sunday Morning Quilts.

Do you have any favorite scrappy charity quilt patterns?

Friday, January 16, 2015

Harrowing Evenings

The first week of school has been amazing! On top of friends, new exciting classes, and enthusiasm for research, I've had oodles of time to quilt! What a blast.

Mostly I've been binding. Oh, and I forgot: quilting all day Tuesday! Dr. Reid and I spent a harrowing Tuesday evening together in the company of Derek and Penelope, he chasing down serial killers and I strong-arming my largest quilt yet through my machine. Have no fear; we both came out on top. Bummer of all bummers, though, I finished the last episode in the last season of Criminal Minds at the same time as my quilting. (I suppose I can be thankful it was not before.)

Needless to say, with twenty feet of binding ahead of me, I need some new comrades to keep me company. The British hilarity of Top Gear has me chuckling up a storm, but it's not the same as a show with a long-term storyline. Any suggestions? It may be time to dive into Gilmore Girls. I feel, as a child of the early 90s, it's almost a requirement. However, I'm not completely sold on it as of yet.

What do you like to watch as you sew?

cozy plaid quilt with classy dark grey binding | Lovely and Enough
sneak peak of the quilt I'm working on that has yet to be revealed

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Savor Each Stitch: Arches

modern citron arches blocks from Carolyn Friedlander's Savor Each Stitch | Lovely and Enough

With Christmas celebrations over, I snuggled into the couch with a steaming mug of tea and a present that I had been looking forward to for months: Savor Each Stitch by Carolyn Friedlander. Carolyn is so inspiring. Originally an architect, Carolyn made the decision several years ago to switch to quilting and fabric design, and it seems she hasn't glanced back. From pattern writing to fabric design, she excels. Authorship was no different. Each page of Savor Each Stitch is full of bright and beautiful photos with thoughtful prose and design lessons alongside.

My goal this spring is to exercise each of the design elements she explores as I sketch projects and patterns. Pictured here is her project Arches, which considers Line. An adventure in needle turn appliqué, I reveled in the methodical and relaxing pace of the hand sewing. This year of 2015 is already brimming with new ideas and thrilling prospects, and I can't think of a better book to kick it off.

What exciting books are you exploring this new year?

modern citron arches blocks from Carolyn Friedlander's Savor Each Stitch | Lovely and Enough

modern citron arches blocks from Carolyn Friedlander's Savor Each Stitch | Lovely and Enough

modern citron arches blocks from Carolyn Friedlander's Savor Each Stitch | Lovely and Enough

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shetland Studio Tour

I love meeting people and hearing about their ventures and passions. It makes grad school extra fascinating because every single person has a project they would love to share with you. Be it park design, flame retardancy, or anything in between I am all ears. I may not always fully understand, but I am a firm believer in SSLANT, and I will sit up, smile, look at you, nod, and track with your wild arm flailings. (If you haven't heard of SSLANT before, I hadn't either before reading Malcolm Gladwell's book Outliers. It's an intriguing book on successful people and the unexpected underlying causes behind such success, and it's definitely worth a read! I digress.)

When Emma from WeWork reached out to me with her exploration of creative spaces, naturally, I was hooked. WeWork provides the platform creators need to springboard into new ideas with services from networking events and work spaces to micro-brewed coffee. It sounds amazing! With a focus on building creative environments in which fresh entrepreneurial spirit can thrive, Emma wants to open a dialogue about our personal spaces. So, without further ado, I invite you to enter my summer space as well as the conversation.

Welcome to the Shetland Studio.

Storage You can't really replace good storage (unless you live near the Container Store, then you could replace it and rereplace it weekly. I positively drool an ocean when I enter that establishment.) I like mine organized and color-coordinated. Sometimes doors are better. Sometimes they aren't.

Display Options I think it's important to bounce back and forth between ideas and use old ones as stepping stones to new creative heights. For this reason, I like to have easy places to hang and change out previous projects. A five dollar tension rod from Target and a set of ring clips are perfect, especially for quilts.

Trusty Sewing Machine This is the crux of a sewing studio, so naturally, it's in the middle of the space. I love my Bernina (although this one is my mother's, to be fair.) Berninas are precision workhorses, and hers is even transportable! What I wouldn't give for the new Bernina 830 with stitch regulation and a vast deep throat. Heck, how amazing would it be to have my own long-arm machine!

Stations Stations are important to me: design station, ironing station, sewing station, cutting station. That way the transitions between pieces of a project don't slow or hinder me.

Big Work Tables Aside from large amounts of storage, I also appreciate copious flat work spaces. An uncluttered wide open table is the same as a blank page in my opinion. It is a springboard for the creative mind to leap into the unknown (or simply the next project).

Design Wall All you need is an old flannel sheet, another tension rod, and some command hooks. It's a game changer for me when it comes to designing and squinting and rearranging. And speaking of squinting, it's handy to have an old pair of binoculars within reach. Looking through them backwards gives a great impression of movement and overall composition. Don't have a pair? Take a photo on your phone. It gets about as small and works just the same!

Comfy Seating At the end of our garage studio space, we have a futon and rocking glider. Although this is technically because our studio doubles as guest bedroom, I find it a nice place to retire to for hand sewing, knitting, and the other unplugged untabled diversions.

Natural Light There you have it: my studio space. To be honest, above all of these, I value natural light. It makes me happy. It shows me true colors. And it makes photographing for the blog a breeze. Now, if only I could figure out how to add natural-like light to my little workspace in Raleigh without knocking down walls for windows.

What are your favorite things in your studio space?

* I am not being sponsored by WeWork and cannot vouch for their integrity, but to me they seem pretty standup, and I like helping to spread burgeoning ideas.
**If you do share your space, shoot me an email at kelsey.boes(at)gmail(dot)com. I'd love to see it and read about it!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Patterns on Cases

Christmas is such a lovely time of year, full of joy and fellowship, cozy evenings and family. This year, I almost had more fun watching everyone open their gifts than actually opening mine! I was just so pumped for the little things I'd collected and crafted all fall long. One such gift was the iPhone case for my mom.

Last Christmas I designed cases with my hydrangea pattern for my sister and I (pictured above). I was so excited, but I couldn't post about it until I'd given the gift. Then I just never got around to it! This Christmas the same thing happened, except that, with Mom as my blog cheerleader, she went outside with me to take photos. (Moms are great, aren't they?) So here it is, the new uniola case! It looks great with her white iPhone, and it will be a fun change of scenery from her leather Fossil case when she feels the need for a shift.

PS It's ridiculously simple to do on Shutterfly. You should definitely give it a whirl with your favorite fabric design!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Scattered Wheat

Tis the season of projects we can't share on our blogs. The afghan is out of the bag, but there are two more endeavors in the making. I'm really excited about them and how they are coming together, but enough of hints! I still remember my best friend Haley looking me in the eye my senior year during jewelry class and saying, "There's something I can't tell you." Gah! Well then don't. Because now I REALLY REALLY want to know!!

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

This project is not a secret, though! It began a couple summers ago as I forayed into modern twists on traditional blocks. I even quilted it back then. The binding just took another year and a half coming. Ha! Can anyone relate?

Now that it's done, it's hanging right in front of my desk at school. It is the first piece of artwork up, and the zen feel helps me keep going when my literature searches feel fruitless. That and calls to my PhD mom. (Thanks, Mom.)

I've been drooling over a couple new quilters lately. Tara's gorgeous style, hipster beanies, and classic quilts over at Rad and Happy have got me dreaming up new projects. And Lindsay Stead's impeccable taste and reserve in modern and heirloom quilt design make me want to throw out all my prints and work purely with solid duos. With them in mind, I've returned to some of my more minimalist projects, and that's where I'm heading next.

Do you have any secret holiday projects? I promise if you tell me, I can keep a secret. The lucky person receiving your gift isn't likely to read the comments on my blog either! This is a safe place. Get it off your chest.

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

minimalist modern buckwheat quilt | Lovely and Enough

If you're looking for finished project inspiration to keep you sewing as Christmas rapidly approaches, you can find more with Finish it up Friday over at Crazy Mom Quilts.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

An Afghan for a Graduation

Climbing into leggings and my favorite sweatshirt, I brewed hot chocolate in my red mug and tucked toes into cozy slippers. It's been a go go go kind of week, (and it's not going to slow down any time soon) but I had such a meditative Sabbath weekend that I feel as if I can tackle any mountain of papers, presentations, and take home finals.

classic dark grey knitted hourglass throw | by Lovely and Enough

The temperature dropped this weekend, and out of no where I felt like knitting. Now, I knew that I didn't knit in the summer and that I was more productive on the hat-and-blanket scale when days turned cold, but I didn't realize it was such a gut feeling. All of the sudden, I longed to snuggle into a chair and while away hours with Netlfix and bamboo needles. Good news for me: there was a project awaiting the return of my intrepid fingers that had been stranded the other side of summer. My sister's long-awaited afghan. I say long-awaited because I began working on it five months before her high school graduation, and she is now a sophomore in college. Better late than never, it arrived in her open arms over Thanksgiving.

classic dark grey knitted hourglass throw | by Lovely and Enough

classic dark grey knitted hourglass throw | by Lovely and Enough

I worked from Brooklyn Tweed's Hourglass Throw pattern, and I am thrilled with the results. In soft dark grey heathered yarn, it is a timeless pattern and style that will be an heirloom for future generations. Now if only I had the patience and time to make another for myself!

Have you pulled out any knitting projects as holidays loom?

classic dark grey knitted hourglass throw | by Lovely and Enough

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