About: Kelsey Boes

You have stumbled across my breath of fresh air. In the midst of airports, technical conferences, and frozen dinners, this is my happy place.

When I look around and see other people's beautiful lives with seemingly more time, less stress, and cuter clothes, I come back here and remember. My life is lovely. And my life is enough. I don't need more than what I have. Close friends. Comfy clothes. A wonderful family. A burgeoning church. And time and space to sew to my heart's content. Lovely. Enough.

I work with textiles because they are tactile, meant to be touched. The soft slip of fabric through your fingers, the crisp edge of a carefully pressed seam, the worn through holes that expose flannel linings. Each of these speaks of care and process and history.

A recent graduate of Wheaton College, IL in both chemistry and studio art, and I am pursuing a PhD in Fiber and Polymer Sciences at NC State University. It is both terrifying and exciting, and I cannot wait to see what adventures lie in wait as this next chapter unfolds.